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90 Funny Pictures For Today (#66)


  1. Posted by branditew, — Reply

    The free cake better not have calories because I'm tired of those buggers stepping into my closet to sew my clothes tighter

  2. Posted by bearmooncreatio, — Reply

    Ahhh! But I see you didn’t get rid of the puppies Stephane!? Petting them after perhaps?

  3. Posted by wuguace, — Reply

    Your sick get some help it’s not cute or funny to make this statement !

  4. Posted by tomaro28, — Reply

    I like this place, will definitely be staying a little longer. 😆

  5. Posted by dufresne1658, — Reply

    :"Keep the cakes,only here to punch people"

  6. Posted by mirela_pastrav, — Reply

    Make that ice cream and I'm there...

  7. Posted by rebeccadank, — Reply

    Or alternatively, kick people in the nuts.

  8. Posted by snjohnston14, — Reply

    Don’t forget about the cute kitties!!

  9. Posted by sirgreeney0427, — Reply

    Birthday again

  10. Posted by paul1957dc, — Reply

    hate speech

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