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  1. Posted by amyc0ntreras, — Reply

    the heroin one 😭

  2. Posted by aicha_kisena, — Reply

    i want this on a tee shirt

  3. Posted by alicemunley, — Reply

    the coke one, i’m dead

  4. Posted by bp38656408, — Reply

    This needs to be on a shirt lmfao

  5. Posted by c062606, — Reply

    if i ever did drugs i'd probably be the shroom and acid bear

  6. Posted by Skeebless, — Reply

    why does this exist

  7. Posted by GenericLeaf, — Reply

    Tag urself I’m crack bear😌

  8. Posted by linaiya, — Reply


  9. Posted by jgbarriel, — Reply


  10. Posted by kezogii, — Reply

    i need this.

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