And the "BE YOURSELF" Pose:


And pose.


  1. Posted by denki_is_bestboi, — Reply

    When im home alone I blast music on my phone and belt out the lyrics like there’s no tomorrow. But this one time my friend made a surprise visit (I gave her the house key) and she just walks in on my singing hakuna mattata (idk how to spell it)

  2. Posted by whosummonedmeidontwannafight, — Reply

    And then you break out in song to see if you’re good, start dancing, and act out a date with your crush and then your mom awkwardly forgets her keys...just me?

  3. Posted by lily00029draws, — Reply

    hey guys! i know these are soooo annoying, but it's not a self promo! please go follow my friend @🥬 izzy it would totally be the best! please consider looking at her boards!!!

  4. Posted by axc42, — Reply

    okay for some reason i dont find this weird at all... bc this is literally a freakin acurate reprisentation of me, exept they left out the singing at the top of my lungs.

  5. Posted by prailatabaku, — Reply

    90% of people marry their 7th grade crush. Since you're reading this get good news tonight post this on 9 other posts or the worst week of your life starts now. In 53 minutes your crush will realize they love you.

  6. Posted by emalielangford, — Reply

    When I’m home alone I’ll blast inappropriate music that my mom would probably ground my for and dance like no ones watching. Then before she gets home I’ll tell Alexa turn the volume all the down and change the music to soft piano. LIKE NOTHING JUST HAPPENED!!!!!

  7. Posted by tiferethatch, — Reply

    I thought it was gonna read when you're home alone and there's a spider or a Cokaruch (no idea how to spell that but horrific winged insects)

  8. Posted by blake_lauren814, — Reply

    When I'm home alone I start dancing (ballet) across the house. You sure can bet that when I get my pointe shoes I'll be slipping those suckers on as soon as the house is empty

  9. Posted by dietz0422, — Reply

    I have only been home alone like, once, for five teen minutes. I have a heart condition that the doctors cannot figure out what it is and so basically I always have somebody home with me. Also, my grandmother lives in the basement, so almost always she will just be chilling down there. 😞

  10. Posted by kaydencechavez1118, — Reply

    Could anyone maybe follow me? I’ve been on Pinterest for a long long LONG time now and I only have like 2 followers..(which are my friends who made my acc)if not it’s okay! I completely understand, but if you can thank you very much!! 😁😄❤️

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