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Today we are going to show you funny tweets that will be enough to make you laugh for an hour.


  1. Posted by gwenandstar, — Reply

    Of course he has to favor Gryffindor. What about Slytherins?! We deserve points too!!!!!! (And our very sweet Hufflepuffs!!!)

  2. Posted by emmalix, — Reply

    I thought it said most wrinkle free bones..

  3. Posted by liveloveguard1238, — Reply

    Hufflepuff: actually ours are... we ironed them.....

  4. Posted by bhaktiba12, — Reply


  5. Posted by bisexualdisaster106116, — Reply

    McGonagall would never

  6. Posted by rutaONHOLIDAY, — Reply

    Haha fr!

  7. Posted by edcallanan07, — Reply


  8. Posted by slorgat2410, — Reply

    Lmao 😂

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