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  1. Posted by thelawsofattractiontips, — Reply

    In the end what really matters is whether or not this has some truth to it. And in today's time, nothing can be further from this truth. We hear it everyday at 6pm and 11pm, portrayed as such.

  2. Posted by stevenbenjamin, — Reply

    Does that include these sentences/claims...? someone once said, 'to see through everything, is to see nothing at all...' to see through everything, then, is no different from being blind.

  3. Posted by ameath8532, — Reply

    Can someone tell the person making these memes that the picture is of Caracalla, not Marcus Aurelius. Seriously, Caracalla was basically the *opposite* of Marcus Aurelius!

  4. Posted by tnoobmaster, — Reply

    So if someone says "2+2=4" that's just their opinion and 2+2 could very well equal 7? Also he's stating both of these things very much as if they are facts and the truth. "everything we hear IS an opinion, NOT a fact" so this sentence literally contradicts it own point. there is some merit to these staments, it's just their lack of nuance makes them useless as well as self contradicting.

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